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best bowie knife

Despite what hunting revolves around, it can be therapeutic for some. However, with the wrong tools, you can find yourself becoming stressed and angered extremely fast. A bowie knife is specifically used for hunting, and is a double-edged blade. Having this in your kit for the tools of the trade will ensure a seamless hunting experience. In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of buying a bowie knife, factors to consider before buying a bowie knife, and tips on how to choose the best bowie knife for your needs.

Benefits of Buying a Bowie Knife

One of the most important and most obvious benefits of buying a bowie knife is that it can make hunting a lot easier. Whether you’re checking the condition of the meat inside or not, hunting without a usable knife makes your trip useless. Having a tactical knife of some sort will allow you to eat and survive in the wilderness. If you’re someone who likes to stay away from the public and get lost in the woods, a bowie knife is essential for your survival. Besides being able to defend yourself and get a clean look at meat, while being able to perform hunting functions, there aren’t too many other benefits, because it’s a simplistic tool for your kit. However, this isn’t to say that they are all boring and present no real features – that lies within the individual product; some of which we’ll be reviewing today!

Another benefit of using a bowie knife would be to protect yourself. Whether from human or animal, having a thick bowie knife can suffice efficiently when you’re hunting, fishing, or simply trying to find the best campground. While we don’t think you should go out of your way to hurt an animal (unless it’s projected to be eaten) or a human (which you also shouldn’t eat…), we think that having this as an option for protection is key. Let’s face it: it’s not all rainbows and blue skies when it comes to nature. Nature can be brutal, and when a modernized and civilized human gets thrown into the wild, sometimes they just don’t mix. The thickness of the blade will not only provide a tool for garnering food for camping, it can also protect from the native creatures, and help you open or cut things during your camping or hunting trip. If you’re someone who lives in the wild and thrives, you know how important having one sharp and versatile tool can be.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Bowie Knife

Before purchasing, you should know exactly what a bowie knife is. While we briefly discussed in the aforementioned section, you should also know the difference between a standard hunting knife and a bowie knife. If you know OF a bowie knife and are interested, continue reading. If you’re already a master tactical knife buyer, well, you probably won’t be reading this anyway.

While bowie knifes are great for hunting purposes, their intended usage versus the traditional hunting knife can differ quite a bit. Speaking of differences, bowie knifes may be of different sizes and designs in comparison with a standard hunting knife.

More versatile in design and usage, the bowie knife can perform a plethora of functions including being able to fish, hunt, and protect. When the bowie knife first released quite some time ago, the original purposes included being able to camp with ease, as well as getting fish for food or larger animals for hunting. Being able to protect yourself against the dangers of the aforementioned was yet another feature that bowie knifes aimed to bring to the table. Because of the intended purposes mentioned, the design of the knife was affected. You won’t see a non-thick blade on a bowie knife because it won’t bring an optimal performance.

Tips to Know Before Purchasing a Bowie Knife

How to choose the best bowie knife?

One of the more practical tips for your knowledge bank would be to look at local laws for open carrying when it comes to tactical knives. While some you can get away with, (even in the woods when no one can see you), others still present problems if you’re found by those of a higher authority.

As we mentioned, you may not be seen in the woods by any, so you may not generally care; however, if the area you’re hunting in typically has a few cops, rangers, or security around, you may want to think about those local regulations so you can continue hunting there as normal.

Make sure that you are not breaking any laws by buying a bowie knife

Other tips we can give you before purchasing a bowie knife would be to identify your intended usages. If you aren’t camping, aren’t hunting, and just need a knife for general duties around the house or region you’re in, we suggest that you look elsewhere for a knife.

If you’re someone who likes to collect aesthetically pleasing tactical knives, you may be able to find one here, but the following reviews will be for practical knives only – aesthetics come last.

Maybe you’re someone who hunts frequently and has recently broken their knife – or maybe you’re looking for something that’s going to get the job done better. Hunters and frequent campers should always keep a type of bowie knife in their kit due to the thickness of blade and durability against some of the most rugged activities. If you like to camp, but not super often, you might look into a bowie knife for your emergency kit. Whether this emergency kit is for protection, general cutting duties, or creating the most useful tourniquet until you’re out of the woods, a bowie knife can serve you well.

Now, instead of blabbering your ear off, we’ll introduce to you five separate bowknivesfes that we feel are mostly affordable, attractive, and present a plethora of features for those that have an abundance of tasks to take on when they camp. Some may be out of your budget, or some may not have all of the features you need. Because of this, we’ll discuss advantages, disadvantages, and break down the features.


Top 5 Best Bowie Knife Reviews

1. Elite 12” Survival Bowie Knife Review


Manufactured by Elite, this survival bowie knife boasts a number of features. Because of its simplistic design and cutting edge, it’s been quite a best seller on the market. Available at an inexpensive price, features of the aforementioned include the following:
* 12” total length, 7.5” blade
* Stainless steel blade
* ABS sheath included – can be strapped to your leg

Breakdown of the Features

There aren’t too many features of this Elite bowie knife; however, the features that it does have are ones that are valuable to those who are in the market for said knife. With a 12” total length, and the blade being 7.5”, the distribution of the weight is even enough where it’s not top heavy and packs a punch for when you need it. The seamless cutting with the featured blade allows survival and hunting to be a breeze during usage. If you’re one to want to strap or keep your knife on your belt loop or leg at all times, you can do so with the included ABS sheath. Having a sheath means that you can get to your knife without worrying about wasting time. When it comes to survival, time is everything.

The Advantages of the Product

For the price, a major advantage is the sheath that it comes with. At this price point, you would typically have to purchase the accessories on your own accord, but Elite made a point to keep the sheath included for this price. In doing so, you can get started and begin using as soon as you get it shipped to your house. The leg sheath is extremely beneficial to those who need to get their bowie knife out quickly. If you’re used to survival tactics, this may be a great basic bowie knife for you.

The Disadvantages of the Product

There is only one disadvantage of this product, and that disadvantage is that it doesn’t have a number of features that are more prominent than others on the market. However, those others on the market are not available at the low price that the aforementioned is, making it a frontrunner. It’s simplistic and does exactly what it promises to do.

2. SZCO Supplies Carbon Steel Bowie Knife Review


A more simplistic aesthetic than others we’ve mentioned, this carbon steel bowie knife is manufactured by SZCO supplies, and is quite valuable – especially for the price. Features of the aforementioned include the following:
* Wooden handle and brass guard
* Carbon steel composition for the blade
* Leather sheath is included
* Knife measures 15” overall

Breakdown of the Features

If you’re looking for a knife that’s larger in length, whether for your hunting purposes or because you have larger hands, this carbon steel bowie knife by SZCO may be the most affordable and useful option. Measuring in at 15” overall, with the blade making up 2/3 of that length, the blade is actually full tang. For those wondering the grade of the carbon steel, you’ll be happy to know that this bowie knife features 1095 hc. For the price, this is a great knife to get started with. Whether for protection and survival or finishing off a subject for your hunting, we believe that this wooden handle and brass guard knife can get most of the job done.

The Advantages of the Product

One of the advantages of this bowie knife is in fact the blade itself. There are many aspects that are attractive for the average buyer, included the grade of carbon steel – 1095 hc. Being full tang as well as about 10-inches in length, it’s a great starter blade for those who want to dabble into hunting or those who need a bit extra backup in their camping kit. The traditional wooden handle, brass guard, and design of the blade itself is great for those who don’t want anything too fancy. Another advantage is that this bowie knife comes with a sheath. While it’s not a HUGE bonus, it’s beneficial to anyone who purchases.

The Disadvantages of the Product

Those with smaller hands or not enough strength may want to settle for something that’s a little shorter in length. It’s a beast of a knife in terms of length, and takes great power that some can’t quite get their grip on. Regardless, this doesn’t affect the performance of the bowie knife; it simply is a personal observation for those who may need something shorter.

3. MOSSY OAK Bowie Knife with Leather Sheath Review


If you’re in search of a bowie knife that has a bit of a traditional design with minimalism, then you’ve come to the right place. Manufactured by MOSSY OAK, this bowie knife not only comes with a beautiful handle, but a leather sheath. Before we get too in depth about the appearance, features of the aforementioned include the following:
* 15” sharp, stainless steel blade
* Non-slip handle with grip, luxury classic
* Full-tang blade that measures 10-inches, handle is 5-inches
* Sheath is composed of genuine leather
* Suitable for survival, hunting, tactical, and military uses

Breakdown of the Features

Featuring a 15” in total length, with a 10” full-tang blade, you’re going to need a reliable handle and grip for this one. Thankfully, MOSSY OAK has provided not only a stunning handle, but also one that boasts being non-slip with a ton of grip, and is considered a “luxury classic”. Suitable for all types of uses included military, tactical, survival, and hunting, you won’t have an issue using this one. Included within this purchase is a sheath that’s composed of genuine leather and is a rich brown to match the stunning handle design.

The Advantages of the Product

There are quite a few advantages to this bowie knife, some of which include the actual handle of the knife. It’s extremely important to have a knife that has a handle that’s just as reliable, and with this MOSSY OAK, you don’t have to worry about the blade or handle not being reliable. The composition and strength behind this handle and blade are reliable in design and function. Beyond this, you’re going to have a great time using the full-tang 10-inch blade. Without a reliable blade, there would be no use for this over your average, non-bowie knife. Having a great blade will ensure that you’re going to have a successful use.

The Disadvantages of the Product

We can’t see too many drawbacks when researching this knife; however, there may be some that are due to personal preference. If you’re someone who needs something smaller in strength due to personal strength and the successful use of this knife, then you may want something shorter in length (maybe something that’s 12-inches in length total). Not everyone has the strength to hunt a larger animal and use this knife while doing so. It’s worth mentioning that the aforementioned drawback doesn’t affect the performance of this knife, it’s just personal strength.

4. SHEFFIELD Rogue 10-inch Fixed Blade, Bonus Sheath Firestarter Sharpener Review


One of the things that caught our eye immediately with this bowie knife was that it featured a sharpener. Before we get into describing more about the advantages of this product, let’s take a look at the attractive features that SHEFFIELD boasts about said knife:
* 10-inch stainless steel blade, fixed
* Outdoor knife that’s idea for survival, training, camping, hunting
* Ergonomic TPR handle
* Serrated tanto point for blade that’s tactical
* Sharpener included (FireStarter), bonus sheath

Breakdown of the Features

A specific feature of this bowie knife that we thoroughly enjoy would be the serrated tanto point within the blade that offers a more tactical standpoint when using. Beyond this, the ergonomic TPR handle ensures that the grip you get on it will be comfortable and you won’t be hurting yourself while trying to use this knife. When you’re comfortable and can use your strength within the knife comfortably, you’re going to secure the hunt or protect yourself more successfully.

The Advantages of the Product

You knew we were going to talk about it: this knife comes with a Firestarter sharpener so you can make the most out of your uses. Tactical in design, purpose and intended usage, you’ll be able to survive and hunt with ease when you have this as your pocket best friend. Those that don’t have enough strength for a longer blade will find solace in knowing that the length of this blade is only 10-inches, so you don’t have to worry about supplying power for a 15-inch blade and handle. Beyond the included accessories and overall design, you’ll also receive a Rogue sheath that boasts durability and quality.

The Disadvantages of the Product

There aren’t too many disadvantages of this product, as it’s the perfect length for mostly anyone to use. If you’re looking for something more traditional in appearance, you won’t find it here. However, the aforementioned doesn’t affect the performance of this bowie knife whatsoever, it’s just something to look for if you’re a bit vain when it comes to the appearance of your tools.

SHEFFIELD Rogue full review


5. Timber Rattler Bowie Knife Review


Last on our list is the Western Outlaw knife from Timber Rattler. Attractive in appearance, and great in length, this extremely thick knife not only presents a seamless way to hunt and fish, but to protect yourself as well. Other features of this knife include the following:
* 11 3/8” blade that’s stainless steel
* Brass-plated guard
* Blade is full tang
* Genuine leather sheath included
* Gray hardwood handle

Breakdown of the Features

The overall design of this blade is beautiful and simplistic. If you’re looking for something bold and bright, not only are you not going to find it here, but you may also draw attention to yourself in hunting situations that you don’t want. As for the design, there is a full tang blade that measures 11 and 3/8”. Having this blade length, along with the thickness ensures that you can seamlessly cut through your target as if you’re putting a blade through butter. Great for chopping, this blade is great for keeping at a steady 30-degree angle, although you’re not limited to how you were taught. With a genuine leather sheath included, you can conceal safely when needed, although this typically isn’t a blade you conceal – I mean, take a look at its length!

While the actual weight of the knife is unspecified, we believe that the durability owes a huge “thank you” to how well and heavy this is built. A lightweight knife will only present itself as flimsy, and this knife will be able to bring heaviness and durability with a great grip for those that have a heavy hand.

The Advantages of the Product

One of the primary advantages of the product is the blade itself. Being full tang, and equipped with a brass-plated guard, this knife is definitely worth the purchase. Providing an abundance of usage and power, the blade is durable along with the handle itself. Speaking of the handle, it’s composed of gray hardwood and is elegant in appearance, as well as reliable when it comes to durability.

The Disadvantages of the Product

Unfortunately, every product comes with disadvantages, and this one includes the sometimes being dull. While you can sharpen your blade yourself, it’s been reported that upon receiving, can be quite dull. It does still cut, and you can always sharpen yourself, so it’s not a true disadvantage, just something to be weary of as you purchase (if you do!).

The Final Verdict

We understand that having an abundance of choices can be problematic if you’re someone who doesn’t like to research much beyond features. We get this – however, we’re here to help you make a decision based on that feature about yourself. We believe that the best option from the aforementioned list is the Timber Rattler bowie knife. Also known as the “western outlaw” this aesthetically pleasing knife features a blade that can cut practically anything, and still remain sharp and in-tact due to it’s thickness. Measuring over 11-inches in length, this blade can cover a ton of ground for you.


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